bookmark_borderDoomed Online

Just as I thought I had found some of the most freakiest flash apps, I found this rather playable re-implementation of doom called Doomed Online.

Obligatory Screenshot

What is amazing about it is that it uses the original data files – something which I never considered would have been possible with flash. But then again i’ve not quite been keeping up with all of the technical advances in flash over the years, so it is really no surprise.

The demo is available here. For those of you who might have checked out the pre-release versions of Doom, the demo plays very much like them – as in you can’t shoot anything and there is no AI. Hopefully in the future these issues will be resolved and it’ll be that much more interesting to play.

bookmark_borderCan you solve this river crossing puzzle?

After stumbling across the Entrepreneur Geek blog, I spotted this rather puzzling river crossing puzzle. Sadly, I haven’t managed to solve it yet, but I think i’m close.


  • Help these people to cross the river, in the next screen.
  • Only two people at a time, at least one adult.
  • Criminal (in striped dress) cannot be left with others, without the Police.
  • Mother cannot be with sons, while father is not around.
  • Father cannot be with daughters, while mother is not around.
  • Click on the BIG BLUE BUTTON to start!
  • Click on people to get them on or off the boat.
  • Click on the Red buttons to move the boat to opposite side

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