bookmark_borderWhat's New in Rucksack

A while ago, I posted a little piece about my Backpack-inspired organisation tool, Rucksack. At the time, I only just got the basics working, and it was nowhere near “production ready”.

Now, it still isn’t really “production ready”, but it has drastically improved these past few months. In August, it started out looking like:

And now it looks like this:

Which to say the least, is a big improvement.

But “What’s new?”, you may ask. Well apart from the new grey spaced out look…

  • You can now see a general overview of recent activity
  • You can now upload files
  • You can send emails to to pages
  • Basic reminders have been implemented with email functionality
  • Journals and Status (think Twitter) have been implemented
  • Fed-up of the default page width? You can now resize Pages!
  • Pages can now be shared to the public
  • Client-side interface re-written in jQuery
  • Bug fixes and stability improvements

So safe to say, a lot of improvements. But still, a long way to go before it is truly useful for every day organisation.

As always, Rucksack is open source and can be checked out on github.

bookmark_borderiPhone Developer NDA Lifted.

After trawling the interwebs today, I came across this little gem on the Apple web site:

( )

Well, it’s about time.

Being very interested in iPhone development myself, I naturally have posted quite a bit about the iPhone on this blog. However, due to the NDA I couldn’t really post a lot – the ”Running your own iPhone applications without paying the developer fee” was pushing it.

In any case, look forward to more iPhone-related development posts.