bookmark_borderRailsCollab isn't Dead

For those of you interested in web-based project management tools, you might have noticed i’ve not really been maintaining RailsCollab for quite a few months now. Why? well because I really wanted to concentrate on other things, such as making cool iPhone apps and the usual contracts.

(Plus to be honest I wasn’t really using it myself)

Still, since its open source other people were free to use and modify it for their own needs. I was pleased to see that there has been a healthy level of forking according to github’s network graph.


Feature-wise, one fork made by scambra has even implemented a fully fledged wiki.


I’ve also seen partial localisation’s implemented for German and Simplified Chinese. So safe to say, i’m very impressed that despite my lack of updates, RailsCollab is still going strong – all thanks to its growing community!

Now for my input…

Projects like RailsCollab are hardly one-way streets. One has to give back as well as receive contributions.

So i’m pleased to announce that as well as merging the wiki and language updates into the main RailsCollab tree, i’ve also merged in my own updates which convert the Message, Comment, and File controllers into RESTful resource controllers.

Simply put, this means that you can now manipulate messages, comments, and files as XML. e.g.:


  <attached-files-count type="integer">0</attached-files-count>
  <category-id type="integer">1</category-id>
  <comments-count type="integer">2</comments-count>
  <comments-enabled type="boolean">true</comments-enabled>
  <created-by-id type="integer">1</created-by-id>
  <created-on type="datetime">2009-07-16T19:35:00Z</created-on>
  <id type="integer">1</id>
  <is-important type="boolean">false</is-important>
  <is-private type="boolean">false</is-private>
  <milestone-id type="integer">0</milestone-id>
  <project-id type="integer">1</project-id>
  <text>It's a *test*!</text>
  <title>Test message!</title>
  <updated-by-id type="integer">1</updated-by-id>
  <updated-on type="datetime">2009-07-16T19:35:16Z</updated-on>


<comments type="array">
    <attached-files-count type="integer">0</attached-files-count>
    <author-name nil="true"/>
    <created-by-id type="integer">1</created-by-id>
    <created-on type="datetime">2009-07-17T20:34:12Z</created-on>
    <id type="integer">5</id>
    <is-anonymous type="boolean">false</is-anonymous>
    <is-private type="boolean">true</is-private>
    <text>Test REST comment - edited</text>


<files type="array">
    <comments-count type="integer">0</comments-count>
    <comments-enabled type="boolean">true</comments-enabled>
    <created-by-id type="integer">1</created-by-id>
    <created-on type="datetime">2009-07-18T13:22:20Z</created-on>
    <id type="integer">9</id>
    <is-important type="boolean">false</is-important>
    <is-locked type="boolean">false</is-locked>
    <is-private type="boolean">false</is-private>
    <updated-on type="datetime">2009-07-18T13:34:50Z</updated-on>

So what are you waiting for? fork it, use it, enjoy!