bookmark_borderTwackr: Twitter-style time tracking

It’s been a while since my last rails post, so I decided to try out something different.

Specifically, i’ve always wanted to track my time, but I never seem to find a solution that works. The solution is either too simple and doesn’t give me any feedback, or it’s extremely complicated and hard to use.

So I set about to make a time tracking solution that was both ridiculously simple to use, and could give me some useful reports back. Thus, Twackr was born!

I modelled the entry system after Twitter: at its simplest, all you need to do is type in what you are doing, and Twackr will start tracking your time instantly. When you are done, simply click on “Finish” and it will be done!

Already spent some time doing something but couldn’t get to Twackr? Then you can backdate entries by adding “-1H”. Still working on something? Then try “-1H+”. Blocking out some time? Then use “+1H”. Want to see if you’ll make the deadline? try typing “1H”.

Time can also be categorised into “Services” (#service) and “Projects” (@project).

You can check out a live demo of twackr on heroku. Just sign up, and check it out – it couldn’t be any simpler!

Like most of my other rails projects, Twackr is Open Source. So feel free to fork it on github.

bookmark_borderMore CSS Animations

A few days ago I popped across Anthony Calzadillas ”Pure CSS3 AT-AT Walker”, which is a great application of using CSS3 Transforms and Animations to create a scene of an AT-AT Walker walking along in a simulated iPad.

Anthony explains in great detail how he built the AT-AT, but I couldn’t help but think ”I’ve got a better way of doing this!”.

Last year I made a CSS Transform Exporter for Blender, which can take any scene and generate a corresponding version in a nice and simple HTML page.

So it can take this:

atat in blender

And turn it into this:

atat webkit

Admittedly simple, but it does show off the potential power in adopting CSS3 and HTML5. After all, who needs to use Flash when you can make everything work in actual web browser instead?