bookmark_borderCalling It Quits on RailsCollab

One of my first rails projects was Railscollab. It started off as nothing more than a proof-of-concept port of ActiveCollab to ruby, and ended up being something more feature complete and in some ways better than the original.

Unfortunately after nearly 5 years of sporadic development, i’m permanently calling it quits.

Over the years, i’ve had various people help out with RailsCollab and enquire about it. Even though it took a while, I kept updating it. I’ve had everything from hate mail to genuine appreciation. It was even instrumental in landing me a job at a cool startup. But really I have never felt a longing attachment to it, and so the project has never really taken off into its own entity.

Lets not forget that even in its minimal state, an open source project is costly to maintain. Rails has a major update pretty much every year, causing problems every time the code is updated. And lets face it: you really do need to keep rails up to date in such a project, since thats where peoples interest lies. It’s a never-ending cycle.

One also has to look at the state of project management apps to realise that RailsCollab really doesn’t offer anything revolutionary or compelling to the market space. Basecamp-like “killer” systems have been cloned to death, so much that I don’t even find it funny anymore.

Do I really want to maintain a boring project management apps nobody really needs? The answer is of course no.