bookmark_borderAnim8gif now Open Source

One of the first iPhone apps I made was a little useful free tool called anim8gif, a simple little tool which extracted links to all the gifs and pngs on a web page and allowed you to download them, then view them later.

It started development on the 1st gen iPod touch, all the way up to the iPad 3 and iPhone 5s – truly it was an interesting ride in terms of keeping it reasonably up to date.

anim8gif screenshot

At its most popular, it was getting around 3.75k downloads a month. These days, it’s around 100. Not too bad considering I last updated it in 2014. Still, considering the increasing irrelevance of the app given the prevalence of superior media players and even GIF keyboards, it’s presence on the store is questionable.

So I have decided to Open Source it under GPLV3. I hope it might be of use to someone making a gif or apng playback app.

Grab it here

NOTE: while the app is currently still available in the App Store, I am planning on removing it within the next couple of weeks so in the future compiling it yourself or downloading it from one of the various jailbreak pirate platforms will be the only way of installing it on new devices.