Who am I?


I’m James Urquhart, a Software Developer based in England. CuppaDev is my blog, targeting the latest and greatest in the wonderful world of Software Development.

If there’s anything cool in the software development world, then chances are i’m going to write about it here.

So what do i do?

A large part of my work recently has been the development of Open Source projects, some of which can be found on my GitHub page.

In have also delved into Game Development, primarily using the Torque Game Engine by GarageGames, cumulating in helping developers like Mode 7 Games make the most out of TGE. Projects in this field include Determinance, Frozen Synapse, Frozen Synapse 2, and Frozen Cortex

Previously I also worked with Teambox (now known as RedBooth) on their Project Management solution.


Simply send off an email to contact@jamesu.net and i should get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

Alternatively, send me a tweet via twitter.

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